Cosmetic Rejuvenation

Melt Away Fat with TiteFx?


Wouldn?t it be wonderful if there was a simple, non-invasive method to melt away unwanted body fat? The TiteFX body contouring procedure provides the next generation of non-invasive fat sculpting (lipolysis). TiteFx uses clinically proven radio-frequency energy to provide an improved and smoother body contour, melting away excess inches of fat from the treatment area. TiteFx uses two mechanisms to melt the excess fat: (1) uniform radiofrequency heating of the subcutaneous tissue fat and (2) high-voltage (HV) short RF pulses to poke holes ?electroporate? the fat cells, leading to destruction of the excess fat. In clinical practice, patients can often reduce their waist circumference by several inches and improve the appearance of fat and cellulite with just a few safe, easy, minimally invasive treatments.


Currently, the TiteFx device is TiteFX is pending FDA clearance. Nelson Dermatology is the first and only practice in the Tampa Bay area to offer this exciting, new fat sculpting technology. Call our office to arrange an appointment today.