Mohs Surgery

Advantages of Mohs Surgery


There are many different options for treating skin cancer.  Only Mohs surgery examines all of the removed tissue, ensuring that the cancer cells are completely removed in one procedure.  This is why Mohs surgery has the highest cure rate for skin cancer (99% in studies).  Mohs surgery also results in removing the least amount of skin necessary to treat your cancer.  Once all of the skin cancer cells are removed, Dr. Nelson will then discuss the options for reconstruction, including suturing the wound and nature wound healing, to ensure the best cosmetic outcome.


Mohs surgery is especially useful when:

  • The skin cancer is in a cosmetically sensitive area, such as the face, ears, nose, hands/legs
  • The skin cancer has recurred despite previous treatments
  • The skin cancer is large
  • The edges of the skin cancer are ill-defined
  • The skin cancer is growing rapidly