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VBeam® Laser Vascular Treatments

Reduce Facial Redness and Visible Veins with Light in St. Petersburg, South Pasadena, and Tampa Bay

For many people, facial redness comes and goes, with blushing and flushing causing only temporary changes to the skin. For some people, however, the redness is a chronic problem due to constantly dilated blood vessels. Other men and women may develop spider veins and similar vascular lesions due to age, sun exposure, and other factors. For all of these problems, the Nelson Dermatology team offers VBeam® vascular laser treatments.

VBeam® is what is known as a "pulsed dye laser" because it delivers focused light energy via a series of pulses measured in milliseconds, and special dyes are used to create a laser beam of the desired wavelength. This combination of technologies makes VBeam® ideal for treating blood vessels, redness, and other similar cosmetic issues.

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What Does VBeam® Treat?

The word "vascular" in a treatment means it is related to blood vessels. While most of our veins, arteries, and capillaries are hidden within the body, some vessels that are close to the surface become visible, whether due to prolonged dilation or skin that is naturally thin or that has thinned over time due to age-related collagen depletion.

Vascular problems can range from larger veins on the cheeks or nose to small, fine webs of vessels that create diffuse redness. Some vascular lesions, known as "hemangiomas," are present at birth, while many develop later in life.

Who Performs VBeam® Laser Vascular Treatments at Florida's Nelson Dermatology?

VBeam® is a powerful and effective laser, which is why only the board-certified dermatologists at Nelson Dermatology perform the treatment. The practice's physicians have each undergone years of medical education, worked extensively in the dermatology specialty, and trained specifically on the VBeam® device to maximize safety and natural-looking results.

What Can I Expect from a VBeam® Session?

Because VBeam® is a laser, patients can expect a feeling of coolness followed by a sharp warmth when the light enters the skin. The pulsed nature means the beam will be intermittent, so some patients describe the sensation as alternating hot and cool snaps.

How long a VBeam® treatment will take depends on the size and number of vascular conditions being addressed.

The skin in the treated area will appear red and can swell. If the focus was on an especially large lesion, there may also be some bruising. These side effects have been known to last up to several days, but most resolve in a matter of hours.

How Does VBeam® Work?

While it is not possible to specifically target blood vessels, it is possible to target the blood inside these vessels. Laser light entering tissue heats up a specific target known as a chromophore. In the case of blood vessels, the target chromophore is the hemoglobin inside the red blood cells. The hemoglobin absorbs the laser energy and rapidly heats. As the hemoglobin continues to heat, this causes the blood vessels to remodel and shrink. Soon, the targeted visible veins are sealed off from the rest of the circulatory system, so the body recognizes them as no longer being needed and breaks them down. Over time, the dilated blood vessels and redness visible through the skin slowly fade as the blood vessels continue to remodel.

Can Light Be Used for Other Treatments?

The same properties of light that make VBeam® work can also be applied via other devices for different cosmetic rejuvenation strategies. Different laser wavelengths and different technologies can be used to help achieve your cosmetic goals. The Nelson Dermatology team would love the opportunity to assess your skin, discuss your cosmetic goals, and help design the perfect approach to help you achieve your ideal beauty.

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