Mohs Surgery

The Mohs Surgery Process


Step 1: Dr. Nelson will identify, examine and mark the skin cancer and biopsy site.
Step 2: Dr. Nelson will then numb the area with local anesthetic.
Step 3: Dr. Nelson will then surgically remove the skin cancer.
Step 4: The removed tissue is frozen and stained for examination with a microscope.
This step can last 1 hour.
Step 5: If Dr. Nelson observes any remaining skin cancer cells under the microscope, he will surgically remove the affected area in that exact location. Slides will again be made and examined with a microscope.


This process continues until all of the skin cancer cells are removed, while sparing as much healthy tissue as possible. This process may require a few hours. Once all of the skin cancer cells are removed, Dr. Nelson will then discuss the options for reconstruction, including suturing (stitching) the wound and natural wound healing, to ensure the best cosmetic outcome.