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What Can You Do to Extend the Lifespan of BOTOX® Injections?

Wrinkles such as “the 11’s”, forehead lines, crow’s feet and bunny lines give character to our face, but there’s no harm in making the skin look a little smoother and fresher. A few units of botulinum toxin type A injections, also known as neuromodulators, will relax the facial muscles by stilling contractions to prevent the skin from creasing, so you’re left with a less-wrinkled surface. BOTOX® from our St. Petersburg and St. Pete Beach based offices is a temporary treatment that lasts for up to four months in most cases. Our patients tend to love their results, which can be sad once the effects wear off.  Luckily, the results can be easily reproduced and become longer lasting with ongoing BOTOX® injections. 

Lockdowns, COVID restrictions, and everyday schedule hiccups can make it difficult to get back in for repeat BOTOX®injections to maintain your desired look. However, don’t lose hope if you want to keep wrinkles and lines at bay for a little longer. See below for some at-home tips to prolong the effects of minimally invasive wrinkle injections. 

Avoid Extreme Facial Expressions

The constant muscle movements involved in scowling, frowning, reacting with surprise, and other facial expressions are what lead to the development of dynamic wrinkles. While BOTOX® targets the muscles responsible, the effects can wear off faster if there’s a lot of activity in the area. Avoid making facial expressions that would typically crease the treated areas, if possible. 

Take Zinc Supplements 

Some research suggests that the effectiveness of BOTOX® is affected by zinc levels within the body, so you can take a zinc supplement to potentially prolong the effects. 

Avoid Sun Damage 

Ultraviolet radiation accelerates the formation of wrinkles. Wear broad-spectrum SPF each day and limit your exposure to sunlight. 

Manage Stress Levels 

Chronic high stress levels accelerate aging by causing collagen to degrade, resulting in the skin losing its elasticity. To keep wrinkles at bay and prolong the benefits of BOTOX®, try using yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or other stress management techniques. 

Minimally invasive injectables give you a more refreshed, younger appearance without much downtime and with virtually no side effects. Our team can help you decide which wrinkle treatment is best for achieving your goals. For more information on BOTOX®, contact us at Nelson DermatologyReach out online or call 727-895-8131 to request a consultation. 

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